Thanks to our Sponsors

Without the kindness and generosity of individuals and companies Booktown Richmond would never have gotten off first base. Contrary to popular belief, everything that Book Town Richmond has achieved was not due to vast sums of money, or large government grants. In fact, it would be quite embarrassing to people and organisations who squander millions to know how far a healthy dose of sheer bloody mindedness can get you. What all those listed below, and those I have inadvertently missed, have done is to help a community to grow in a medium of literacy  and an appreciation of the written word. Despite the fact that these very rarefied ideals are a long way from the reality of the hard life in the Karoo, we will persevere and guarantee that in the fullness of time we shall all reap the reward of an improved life for all in Richmond.

2) The Northern Cape Department of Sports Arts and Culture with the dedicated assistance of Jonan van Schalkwyk and Luchelle Coetzee came to our financial salvation in the nick of time. We are fortunate that we have supporters in high places!!

3) The Northern Cape Department of Library have been at or side since the inception of Booktown Richmond's first Book Fair and are instrumental in supporting our readership programme to the children.

4) ToyCoon Company and Danie Malan who not only very generously sponsored the many easels which we used but delivered them to Johannesburg all the way from Bronkhorstspruit during a big Currie Cup match. We are indebted to people like Danie who have gone out of their way to make our Festival a success.

5) Shaft Plastics and Lynette who at the very last minute came to our aid with reams of plastic which were used to wrap all the sound system materials, easels and T shirts and printed materials enabling us to get them all safe 'n sound and dry to Richmond despite driving through one of those great Karoo rain storms.

6) I would like to personally and on behalf of all of Richmonders, thank Michael Drysdale, our resident photographer and the one called upon 24/7 to change, up-date, and modify the website, for his never ending smile and generosity and for just being with us in the village. After the curtain saga he will never be the same. Thanks my man, we love you!!

7) On behalf of all those involved in the Booktown Richmond Book Fair I would like to personally thank the wonderful writers, poets, thinkers, bookies (in the literary sense), collectors, veld walkers and talkers, to the book binders, Karoo chefs, story tellers, rock 'n rollers, and visitors who took the time and made the effort to our come little dorp in the middle of the Karoo

8) Builders Warehouse who have helped us with building and plumbing materials for the renovation of the Hall and for their continued interest in worthy causes.

9) Stuttafords Van Lines - a big thank you to Adele Velle and Charl Pienaar who have been always ready to move books, shelving and chairs from anywhere on the planet to Richmond. We really appreciate having you in our corner!

10) PG Bison in Johannesburg, who see to all our shelving needs, which is a vast contribution,

11) Pam Golding ( Karoo ) in the form of Wayne Rubidge for sponsorship of signage,

12) The NamaKaroo Foundation ( Marina ) for not only sponsorship of signage, but infectious enthusiasm for the Karoo,

13) Maritzburg College for their ongoing donation of books,

14) A lady named Mathilda ( no surname given) from the 'bosveld' who posted 4 boxes of priceless Afrikaans books from Mpumalanga to Howick because she wanted to contribute to what she thought was a great project,

15) The countless 'literati' who come to Richmond at great financial cost for the love of the written word. Thank you for opening doors for Book Town Richmond.

16) Standard Bank - a special word of thanks to Mandie van der Spuy, who sponsored the appearance fee for Patrick Mynhardt, who officially opened Book Town Richmond,

17) Demolition World, Grant and Ros, for the lights and other materials which they donated for the restoration of the Hall.

18) BKB Richmond, for always being supportive in supplying building materials and paint to be used for the renovation of the Hall.

19) Versus Paint, Big Mike O, good friend and supplier of our all paint needs for the Hall.

20) Universal Paint, John, who has always supported us with paint when we needed it and a kind and generous individual.

21) Home Fabrics, Julian Gelb and Des Munro who made wonderful donations of materials and fabrics to the Richmond Community Development Foundation which materials will be made into various soft goods by community members.

22) Alan Morris and Indigo 3000 for always be willing to come to the party with donations of materials and other "stuff" for BRT as well as RCDF projects.

23) Kwikot for their generous donation and support we thank you.

24) Woodbender Furniture and Andy Marinos, who's huge generosity in donating the beautiful chairs which are being used in the BTR HQ, will ensure that no members of the audience experiences a numb bum!

25) MAP Galleries and Harrie Seirtsema and Abrie Fourie for offering their venue for several of our participants. We are thrilled to have them on board.

26) Ubuntu / Richmond Town Council and Martin Fillis who have generously given BTR its new official HQ.

27) UNISA Library Services for the wonderful supply of books which they have given and continue to give, many of which books have found their way to the new village library.

In addition we also would like to thank Ockert and Louise Botha who have worked hard to get BTRHQ ready to rock and roll, Heinz and Belinda Munnik, who are never too busy to get a last minute repair / fix it job done,  as well as other Richmond dorpies in the persons of Darrel,(an endless supplier of good ideas and notions and often, well worth the trouble, enlightened criticism), Michael (always present and ready to unload Stuttaford moving vans and to supply, by instant return, pix  and creative composition), and Annette, perhaps future doyenne of BTRHQ.

Sponsors of Booktown Richmond