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Madibaland World Literary Festival: Hedi Lampert

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Hedi Lampert is a published author and award winning journalist. She has grown up with an aunt who suffers from Fragile X syndrome, and has spent the last 15 years researching the condition. Hedi brings an insatiable curiosity in the fields of genetics, psychology and relationship dynamics into her writing, which has been described as witty, warm, honest and invariably, profoundly insightful. She is also a magazine editor, writing coach, professional speaker, voiceover artist, photographer and food stylist.

Hedi lives in Cape Town with her son and daughter, a (mostly) Labrador called Jemima and three cats.

Nobody really knew what the trouble was with Aunty Vi – all I knew, was that it was Gran’s fault.
Set within the context of traditional Jewish family life, during the last 30 years of the 20th Century, The Trouble With My Aunt is written with both humour and insight, while offering a  brutally frank account of the emotional and social dynamics of caring for an intellectually challenged relative, particularly during an era when little or nothing was known about the particular condition or its causes.

Moving and captivating, this is a testimony to the fiercely powerful bonds of motherhood and sisterhood, as well as a sensitive examination of the sacrifices we make to uphold ingrained principals and prejudices, while keeping our darkest secrets hidden.

‘Spun through with love, lust, and a healthy helping of humour, this richly evocative saga of family and destiny grabs you by the heart and never lets go.’ Gus Silber
‘Leah Fine’s life is about to change, in ways she could never have imagined …
 This is the story of a young woman at the centre of a wonderfully convoluted family saga, incorporating an intriguing medical conundrum and a roller coaster romance… These are the ingredients that make The Trouble with my Aunt such an engrossing read. Holding it all together is the love mothers have for their children. Deep, abiding, sometimes confused but always true, this love links three generations of Leah Fine’s family.’  Máire Fisher ~ author of Birdseye and The Enumerations.