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Madibaland World Literary Festival: Amanda Michalopoulou

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Amanda Michalopoulou is the author of eight novels and three short story collections. She has been a contributing editor at Kathimerini in Greece and Tagesspiegel in Berlin. Her stories have appeared in Harvard Review, Guernica, PEN magazine, World Literature Today, Words Without Borders, Asymptote, The Guardian, Brooklyn Rail among others.

She is a winner of the Revmata Award (1994), the Diavazo Award for her novel Jantes (1996) and the Academy of Athens Prize for her short story collection “Bright Day” (2013). The American translation of her book I’d Like won the International Literature Prize by NEA in the US (2008) and the Liberis Liber Prize of the Independent Catalan Publishers (2012). Her stories and essays have been translated into twenty languages. Her novel Why I killed my best friend, was short-listed for the ALTA National Translation Award in the US. Her short story Mesopotamia was selected for Best European Fiction 2018 (Dalkey Archive).She had various literary grants from the DAAD and LCB in Berlin, the Shanghai Writers Association, Edward Albee Foundation, Ledig-Rowohlt, Bellagio Rockefeller Foundation etc. She was a fellow at the Iowa International Writers Program.

She lives in Athens, Greece where she teaches creative writing.

A review

'God‘s Wife is a stunningly brilliant book. It is a moving love story that unfolds with the rigorous intellectual logic of a piece of first-rate theology. Highly recommended' – Simon Critchley, author of The Book of Dead Philosophers.

A quote from the novel:

I am wracked with a terrible nostalgia for the world. For smells, tastes, the friction of bodies. For night and rain streaming aslant under the glow of streetlamps. For dawn and its cadence of voices and crates scraping across sidewalks. For the hum of air-conditioning, the bleat of cars, the mewl of babies. For the great blessing that is sound—all of it. Amanda Michalopoulou | God's Wife is out by Dalkey Archive Press

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