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Madibaland World Literary Festival: Bronwyn Davids

Lansdowne dearest: My family’s story of forced removals | In the 1920s, Bronwyn Davids’ greatgrandpa Joe McBain built their family home in Lansdowne. In this memoir, Davids vibrantly recreates life lived in this house for generations: There’s doekpoeding for Christmas and pickled fish for Easter; helpful neighbours dropping by for advice and gossip, a garden with a chickenrun, pomegranate, plum and peach trees; chommies playing kennetjie; Capab opera at The Alhambra and shows at the Joseph Stone.

But this is also an account of gutwrenching loss that is physical, mental, and spiritual. Set against the background of apartheid forced removals, this is a charming and authentically South African family story that will stay with you.