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Madibaland World Literary Festival: Greg Arde

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Journalist Greg Ardé exposes a deadly nexus of politics, crime and the taxi industry in War Party published by Tafelberg in June 2020. He examines how the ANC’s cadre deployment has inextricably entwined the ruling party and the state and created a monster of competing patronage networks. While leaders avert their gaze, comrades are killing each other for jobs and tenders. Travel with Ardé across the dusty towns of KZN’s hinterland into the dark heart of South Africa’s ‘culture of blood’.

‘Read this book. Get angry. Get active.’ - Sam Sole

‘Beautifully written and impeccably researched. This book is so good, so important and so relevant that it left me speechless.’ - Jacques Pauw

Greg Ardé has published three books, edited various magazines and served as deputy editor of the Sunday Tribune, KZN ¬bureau chief of the Sunday Times, political reporter for the Daily News and business editor of The Mercury.