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Madibaland World Literary Festival: Elana Bregin

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Elana Bregin is a Durban-based writer who draws her inspiration from the people, landscapes and conundrums of the country and continent that is part of her. She is a strong advocate of people rights, animal rights and earth rights and grapples a lot with the challenges of being human in an increasingly dehumanised world.

She has published a diverse range of novels and stories that includes adult fiction (Survival Training for Lonely Hearts), young adult (Shiva’s Dance) and biographical narrative (Kalahari RainSong, co-authored with Belinda Kruiper). Her magic realist novel, The Slayer of Shadows, was awarded the SA English Academy’s Percy Fitzpatrick Prize and her early prizewinning young adult titles, such as The Redhaired Khumalo and The Boy from the Other Side, are still well received in school classrooms. Her latest novel, The Antbear Cabin, has been accepted for translation into German and a new children’s book, The Big Scary Adventure, will be released in late 2020.

Elana spent many years as a full-time publishing editor and now works as an independent writer and editor. She also gives inspirational writing retreats in creatively conducive places.