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25, 26, 27 & 28 October 2017


JM Coetzee Athol       Fugard May 2018

Greetings   Karoosters All… ….

Summer is   officially here, and we are all on the fast slope towards Christmas at the rate   of blizzards, so we won’t tie you down to a long dissertation…at least until   we deliver our official post BookBedonnerd write up.


We have   put together a very short questionnaire which would help us enormously in   planning into the future. Please take a moment to fill it in while everything   is fresh in the mind and as we plan looking into 2018.

 We are considering the possibility of taking the BookBedonnerd brand   to another dorp for the Coetzee Fugard Festival at the end of May 2018. We   are looking at the small village of Mtunzini on the North Coast, about an   hour and a bit from Durban, which as you may be aware has been named a UNESCO   World City of Literature. We have in mind multiple venues for the talks, to   add a different feel to the event. Poetry on the beach at sunrise, talks on   the fairway of the golf course, and other outdoor venues as well as in   several of the other “conventional” meeting areas. They have a lovely newly   renovated auditorium for staging live Fugard performances….also movies under   the stars…May is perhaps the best month on the North Coast… For those in the   know….this part of KZN is a world renowned haven for birders.

Would you be interested to attend and if not why not? Again any   suggestion and ideas would be happily received…..?


Very   best…and as always completely BookBedonnerd!



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