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Grace and Graham Vermaak
19//05//20 15:44:05
Hi there,

Thx for your latest writings, always gives us food for thought. Keep them coming. Yes, these are scary times. Just taking it one day at a time.

We are Dylan fans and enjoyed that very much. Haunting. Will pass on to our daughters.

We had seen that second poem before but so apt. First poem so beautiful.

Spinning yarn weekend sounds amazing!

Take care. Regards to Elizabeth.
Grant Leversha
19//05//20 15:42:50
Hi Peter

Great words. Appreciate! Hope you and your family are well.

Challenging times ahead but we’ll overcome. My business (golf events and other related events where there are large gatherings} is literally off-limits for now and the near future. But, we are a resourceful bunch and will create opportunity.

Lynda and I are moving to our cottage in the Southern Drakensberg which runs as a guesthouse. The kids are now finished school and will make their way.

It seems the Karoo and rural areas such as the Southern Drakensberg just might turn out to be the place to be in this crazy world.

Some eland in my ‘garden’ this morning.

Take care
Tertius Coetzee
19//05//20 15:42:16
Dear Peter,

Many thanks for the May Richmond Reader. Always looked forward to and enjoyed when it arrives.

Thank you for the Bob Dylan song Murder most foul. Classic Dylan!

You probably know it, but it reminded me of another of his classics which demands a careful listen, called Lilly Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts, from his Blood on the Tracks album. A reviewer of the album once noted that that its not only Dylan’s words that are important, but also the spaces in between.

Kind regards
Philippe Menache
19//05//20 15:41:40
Oh Peter, such an insightful and thought - provoking précis that you are sharing with us....
Thank you! Gratefully yours
Omoseye Bolaji
19//05//20 15:40:52
Superb stuff. Exhilarating. Who says literature is "dead" in the wake of pesky Covid-19, or whatever it is called?
Dr Robert-Ian Caldwell
12//02//20 13:31:50
Thanks Peter

The Knysna Lit Fest coming up early March – doesn’t look half as interesting as Richmond or Howick!!!
Denis Beckett
12//02//20 13:30:16
Nice one, Dr B, all sorts of records you’re scoring and awards you’re deserving for what you've done for that dorpie and for Seffrica and for literature and brotherhood and togetherness.

Is this Hendrik the same Hendrik who was in the thick of things back when I was in the congregation? Or is the surname Ackerman ringing a bell? Is he still in? Apropos, that farming couple from somewhere semi-distant, like 50K away, the most loyal attenders of every session and the most attentive listeners? He was John and she was… was… right on the tip of my tongue, an unusual name, like half a syllable away from a common name, lovely name, lovely person. Lauris? The Jolly Roger chap? Your friend and do I think it was accountant or lawyer, Paul?

Your download isn't downloading for me right now but I think that is my side’s problem, not yours, laptop has had a sulky day, perhaps feeling rained in. Do you know that we had approx 25% of our annual quota in 0.18% of an annum.

Health and strength to you and to Darryl (still has in his attic or cellar or out-tray my thankyou for judging his new-book award circa 2016; I'd had no idea there was such a thing but he repeatedly said it was about to be delivered).

Hou moed, hou koers, keep Canada beautiful and SA too, and Richmond most of all.
Ilse Zietsman
12//02//20 13:27:17
Trane en knop in die keel! Well done! Dis sommer net bedonnerd. En ja, boekbedonnerd ook ek en julle (translated: tears and a catch in the throat! Well done! It’s just bedonnerd. And yes, Bookbedonnerd = me and you guys) (comment posted to the Booktown Richmond YouTube channel)
Marianne de Jong
12//02//20 13:26:02
Good luck to Richmond Bookbedonnerd for 2020 (comment posted to the Booktown Richmond YouTube channel)
Louis de Villiers
12//02//20 13:24:42
Well done on your lovely little video. I probably have hardly any idea how much work is required to produce a 10-minute video.
Some lovely memories.

Such a shame they are in financial dire straights. I hope this will help them gaining the support required to keep going. Have shared on FB and considering how to best do on Twitter.

Liefde Fremantle
Jonty Driver
12//02//20 13:22:27
Dear Peter

I loved the video, and to be reminded of what a great event Boekbedonnerd is. I'm sorry I haven't been able to get back to re-visit for the last few years. I do hope you manage to get the necessary funding for 2020. I am in fact going to be in South Africa for three weeks from 16 Feb - 7 March (Cape Town for a week, the Eastern Cape for a week, the Karoo for a week), before I go to Malawi, then Zambia, then Zimbabwe for a fortnight in my capacity as a Trustee of the Beit Trust. It will be my fifth and final tour as a Trustee; I am eighty now, and travelling gets harder. All the same, I had a new book of poems out in 2018 (a sequence of 22 poems called BEFORE) and hope to have another this year, STILL FURTHER, New Poems, 2000-2019; Crane River continues to publish me, with help from the Africa Sun Press.

Have you any idea when Boekbedonnerd X111 is likely to be, assuming you get funding?

Please could you copy this message to Darryl? I don't seem able to find his email address.

Congratulations on all you manage to do for Richmond and for South African writing.

Ann Antignano
12//02//20 13:20:11
Oh, my goodness, Peter!

It is now 9am, the temperature is -18C and overcast and I just finished watching the video from Booktown. I think I picked out Elizabeth twice at the end. I thoroughly enjoyed it, wished it was longer. I will read the newsletter too. I am so happy that you send these on to me each time. Wow and WOW! I will watch it again and again and forward it to my offspring in BC and Alberta(Bruce).

That is so wonderful what you and your partner do. I couldn't make out those wire (?) wheeled carts the children were pushing. Loved the dancing.

Bruce and Karen didn't come for Christmas this year. I will send you the video of Bruce at work - the company won an award which resulted in more work. He plans to retire next summer when he turns 55; they hope to move to Victoria.

Tom, Cyndi, Bret (22 in February) and Charlotte (18 in May) drove up from Coquitlam. Tom and Bret stay here, Cyndi and Charlotte stay at her mother's about a ten minute drive away. It always reminds me of the same arrangements for your family when they came to Stanbridge East.

Joey and his bride drove up too. They stay at a nearby hotel with their two little Chihuahuas. They live in downtown Vancouver.
Frann (Gorb), Mike and Leah (6 February 3) flew up and they stay here.

Fortunately the mountain roads were not as cruel as they can be (and have been this month with many closures) so everyone arrived and got home safely.

I took your advice and scanned the photos of your Christmas letter but will return to it and read every word. You have created quite a dynasty in SA.

I turn 80 in August and Frann and Leah will take me on the Alaska cruise, the only cruise I am interested in. I am not a cruise type but I would like to see the coast of BC. Can you believe I've been in BC since the summer of 1969!

Again, thank you for the emails. I do appreciate them.

Your ancient cousin California
12//11//19 11:20:29
Dear Peter, after the wonderful Booktown Festival this year, I was surprised to receive this Facebook message from a friend working in England. It seems news travels fast and far! I could not have used better words to sum up and express my appreciation for the festival and hard work that you and your team do. Hope the Afrikaans is not a problem, in any event the article is certainly worth translating into English.
Many kind regards Tertius
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